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Innovation Policy

The Salvador Caetano Group in all business units, is committed to developing an environment conducive to innovation and continuous improvement in order to create value for the company and for their customers, as well as using innovation management as a tool and lever the differentiation of its products and mobility services, which leads to sustainable growth and improving competitiveness in the markets where it operates. Achieving this commitment IDI Management System shall comply with the following principles:

• promote the development of a more dynamic culture, open to change, fostering internal creativity and participation of all employees, as well as stimulating cooperation with strategic partners;

• develop differentiating products and services for mobility with ecological principles and respect for the environment;

• ensure proper planning, implementation and monitoring of IDI projects and a judicious allocation of resources for its implementation;

• Actively seek innovative solutions, adding economic value through a systematic monitoring of the market and technology, in collaboration with a network of partners, and attentive to the needs of customers and consumers;

• encourage continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the IDI Management System.